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FrancekPrsa is a man who enjoys the trust of numerous national and international celebrities for many years. Born in Germany, from an early age he discovered his strong passion for every aspect of beauty.
20 years ago, he began his studies for permanent make-up. At that time, the results and possibilities of permanent make-up did not meet his refined taste and requirements, so he relocated his professional specialization more towards hairdressing, marketing and exclusive products for hair care.
Through out those years, Francek Prsa aimed for the stars with respect to beauty, so to speak: Today, aged 43, he is a well-known celebrity hairdresser, permanent make-up artist and the 1.618th PhiMaster in the whole world from Branko Babic’s Microblading Academy. Francek Prsa opened his first beauty salon in Germany in 1996. Today, he owns and franchises twelve salons with over 200 employees. Also, he founded and owns the Master Academy in Germany where make-up artists and professional hairdressers receive their training.
The world’s most beautiful people can not do without his professional skills and his guidance any more, such as: Melissa Gomez, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Elizabeth Hurley, Brooke Shields, Andie MacDowell, Dita Von Teese, Jade Jagger, Lilly Becker, Monica Ivancan, Sonja Kirchberger, Sarah Connor, Henry Maske, Carmen Electra, Petra Nemcova, Rosanna Davison, Birgit Schrowange, SilaSahin, Franziska Knuppe, Katja Burkard, Mariella Ahrens, Bo Derek – the list of famous names goes on and on.
Nonetheless, FrancekPrsa’s could not give up his search for pure perfection in make-up. Eventually, he found the answers he was looking for all these years in the skillful art of Microblading. Like the best things in life seem to happen unexpectedly, his entry into the world of PhiBrows took place one ordinary day. When visiting his best friend, FrancekPrsa noticed something was different: Her face, which he knew very well, seemed to be more beautiful than ever before and amazingly fascinating. Of course, he had to ask her where that utmost beauty had come from in such a short span of time. His best friend stated that she had just returned from Belgrade, where she had visited Branko Babic and enjoyed a PhiBrows treatment. That was back in 2011, when FrancekPrsa learned out about the new technology behind Microblading for the very first time. His best friend insisted, that he should take classes and lessons in Branko Babic’s famous Microblading Academy. After only one day of practical training for PhiBrows treatments, he was delighted with pleasure and from then on he knew he would not be able to withdraw from Microblading. Being a hard-working and dedicated person by nature, he learned different techniques of Microblading development, new systems of rendering well-shaped eyebrows, and about all types of problematic, sensitive skin of the face. Throughout his professional specialization, he has visited numerous seminars in Serbia, Germany, France and even was an assistant in the training classes held by Branko Babic and his Phibrows Masters.
Today, Francek Prsa is one of the PhiMasters holding classes in the entire world. All his previous knowledge is now redirected to Microblading. He shares his long story of experience and success with his students, and even was chosen to clear the way for PhiBrows in the US. The first official class was held in New York in April 2016. After that, there were basic seminars and perfection training sessions in Miami , New York ,Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. Until now, more than 500 students graduated from the PhiAcademy. All of them wanted to learn about how the new PhiBrows tool can create such facial beauty. In the Master’s Class, held in Belgrade in September 2016, Francek Prsa and his team received an award for their exceptional effort and their important contribution to the quality of PhiBrows’s courses.
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