Microblading Basic Training New York

14/15 October 2017
Microblading academy in New York
Event price 3500 $
Address:Will be announced soon. Somewere nice in New York Contact Number:646-639-8170 Email:francek@phibrows.com Seminar date:14/15 October
Taking this class will certify you as a microblading specialist.
6 month free support
free starter kit all you need to perform
Return of investment Triple your income
Free seminar materials
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With pleasure we inform you that it is the education with our new Phibrows tool you are going to receive as the part of our new starter kit that is richer and more equipped comparing to the older one. As the part of the new starter kit you are going to receive all the material that is necessary for work and practice:


5 Pigments

– Brown 1

– Brown 2

– Brown 3

– Golden brown

– Arabian night 3 auxiliary pigments

– Skin color

– Red stop

– Warm effect


1 after care (medical silicone)

2 mineral pencils for the form preparation a compass

2 classic holders

2 Eccentric Phibrows tools

2 Phibrows Tools

1 package of rubbers for the new tool (50pcs.)



3 skin simulations (latex)

90 blades

DAY 1 – introduction

Theory (problems regarding skin, reflection of pigments, post-treatment flow depending on the type of the skin and factors that can influence on the pigment and its durability etc.), introduction with hygienic standards, drawing of the shape of the eyebrow as well as the hair strokes on latex, digital determination of the symmetry of the eyebrows
using the Phibrows application.

DAY 2- work on a live model under our supervision.

Something more about the education itself:
Drawing of the eyebrows is as the nail work the skill in major part and it is not enough just to visit, listen, and watch. The point is to practice, practice and practice. The training is just a beginning step in the introduction with the microblading technique, because the skill of eyebrow drawing is built during the long period of practice. therefore, Branko’s general goal during this initial/basic training is to teach you how to practice.


To obtain a certificate it is necessary to master the following skills:
Drawing the shape and strokes on a skin simulation (latex or a linoleum)
Drawing the shape and measuring the symmetry on a live model
Complete work on a live model.
There are no marks for your work. It is perfect or not. In overall the average time for obtaining the certificate is about 1 months (50 to 100 messages exchanged with Branko, 10 to 30 drawn linoleums or latexes). 6 out of 10 students in average receive Branko’s certificate (unfortunately we think that many of them work regardless of the certificate).

Communication with Branko does not stop after receiving the certificate. During the work and aboundance of questions would arise and then you will need the biggest support. We are at your service 24/7, 365 days of the year.

In order for you to be satisfied with the education you need to have realistic expectation. Success depends solely of your effort, hard work and time necessary for practice. Your utter dedication to microblading will yield you with the expected results and along with them, the certificate- affirmation of your working skills.

All the certified students have the right of participation to the Masterclass that is organized once or twice a year. At the Masterclass you can learn new advanced techniques and be presented with the news appeared in recent years.

I hope we succeeded to clarify all the facts in order to create a true image regarding the training itself. If you are interested do not hesitate to apply for the training. After that we are going to send you the payment instructions so you can reserve your position on time. The price of the training is $ 3500 +tax including the material. Deposit payment of $1750 need to be done as soon as possible as a confirmation of your arrival to the education. The
remaining part can be paid 10 days before the training in the same way through the bank payment or in cash at the day of the education.



Our training doesn’t take only 2 days but it will continue up to 6 months after the workshop. During this time you will be supported by our masters.


On the upcoming training in Vienna we are pleased to present you our “Master Craft App”. This app contains all training documents as well as a HD video material of about 10 hours.

This gives you the opportunity to refer to all the themes at any time.


Our current online students improve their knowledge from day to day and therefore the success rate is very high.

Our training is built up in such a way that you can achieve your aim step by step.


After receipt of our certificate you will be listed automatically on our “PhiBrows Artist Map” so that your potential customer can find you easily.


All students will get – additionally to the 6 months’ support – a starter kit,  the PhiBrows measuring app and you will get the chance to work live on a model by assistance of the master.


Our pigments are produced on high standard quality. These are organic colors which are free of heavy metals.

Therefore, there will be no discoloration or any other side effects. Furthermore, these colors are also vegan-friendly.



You need to now
After the online registration you will recive a notification on your email with a PDF file with all the datas you need to now, how to do the payment, what other informations we need from you.
You can also register by phone 646-639-8170 or by email francek@phibrows.com
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